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Mountain View Christian Preschool (MVCP) exists to work together with parents to nurture children toward life-success in a safe haven of encouragement, excellence and love. At MVCP every child will feel valued, confident and secure. We believe that children learn best through hands-on experiences, including play and exploration. Our staff will work with your child to foster these experiences. Toys, lesson materials and activities will be provided that encourage imaginative play and creativity. We will also promote development in the following areas:

Social and Emotional Development – Your child will become more aware of self and others, learn to work out problems in positive ways, and to interact with peers as well as adults. We respect each child’s feelings, helping them learn appropriate outlets for emotions through dramatic play, stories, and active as well as quiet play. Your child will be encouraged to care for family, friends, and community.

Cognitive Skills – Your child will be exposed to language and vocabulary, number concepts, size and shape discrimination, color recognition, and spatial relationships. Games, directed projects and other learning tools will assist each child in learning at his or her own pace.

Physical Development – Your child will take important steps for healthy physical development. From a young age, large toys are used daily to promote gross motor development. As the children grow, we offer scheduled physical education time with both team play that teaches sports skills and free play to encourage children to be active. Puzzles, scissors and other small manipulative materials are used to build fine motor skills.

Spiritual Awareness – Your child is a whole being with needs in physical, mental, and spiritual development. We are a Christ-honoring institution, so we see faith in God as natural and essential to the development of a whole and balanced child. Faith lessons are simplified to a child’s level of comprehension and will include simple stories about Jesus. Religious ties to holidays will be included in classroom curriculum. Virtues of love, honor, respect and responsibility are core values of such faith. Prayer will be a part of each day.

Creative Expression – Your child will receive a wide variety of artistic experiences, materials, and substances to expand the child’s awareness of color, form, and texture. We offer weekly classes in music and movement to learn about sound, order, rhythm and beauty. Creative exercises are integrated throughout the curriculum with various opportunities for self-expression and imaginative play. Each classroom will also have areas for quiet time where a child can relax or just be alone.