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More than just daycare

How do you find the right preschool for the entire age range of of your daycare needs? What do you look for? Will they teach and challenge your child as well as love and care for them as much as you?

We can help! Mountain View Christian Preschool offers baby care and classes for 1 year old, 2 year old, 3 year old, 4 year old and pre-k children.  We keep our teacher/student ratios much lower than state requirements and even lower than most other preschools, because we know that it is that three-way relationship between you, your child, and the teacher that helps so much. No one wants the child warehouse model where there is one teacher in a room with dozens of children. We want what you want: personalized teaching, playful interaction, and a long-term relationship which will see your child from infancy until they head off for Kindergarten.  

We intentionally seek staff for whom teaching children is a passion and calling. We truly want to work with children, balancing playtime, teaching, physical activity, and creative arts. If we do our job right, your child will be a well rounded individual when they go on to elementary school.

Your child really matters. They matter to you, and they matter to us, too.


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We Teach Life Skills That Make a Difference


Spiritual growth is a key part of life. At MVCP, your child will learn age-appropriate Bible lessons and songs taught by our children's pastor.


Music and dance help a child's mind grow in many ways. MVCP teaches pitch, signing, drum rhythm and interactive movement.


Physical activity is highly important. Our program teaches the basics of basketball, baseball, and soccer so children learn to play well together and learn movement basics that will become muscle memory for future sports play.

spanish Language

Studies show that learning a second language as a child improves language abilities in all areas. We teach all of our children the basics of the Spanish language that they might have a head start on language learning in school.

American Sign Language

Sign language hastens speech development, reduces frustration in young children by giving them a means to express themselves before they know how to talk, increases parent-child bonding, and lets babies communicate vital information, such as if they are hurt, or hungry. 
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What Our Parents Say

I love this daycare more and more each day. My daughter is 22 months and can already count and read to 10…I’m totally floored! I’m not one of those parents who thinks their kid is a genius, but I know she is getting a good education at Mountain View Preschool when she can come home and can point to the clock and read the numbers back to me.

Seriously folks, bring your kids here. It’s the next best place to having them at home. My daughters been here almost 2 years now and there has been minimal staff turnover and they love her like their own.



My two children have attended this daycare and preschool – my oldest for three years and my youngest still attends. We love it! The caregivers and teachers in all of the classrooms have all been super nice and I appreciate how patient and loving they are with the children. The Director is very approachable and seems very committed to children and the school –

Mercedes R.

Mercedes R.

This preschool has been great for both me and my son! We feel welcome every time we walk through their doors. April the Director is wonderful; she and Ms Lisa really go the extra mile for each child under their care.

The events they hold are awesome! Back to School Night was a huge success! Mother Goose came, crafts were available as well as games. This week was Spirit Week and it was a blast having my son come home every day ready to plan his outfit for tomorrow.

This school is small but their heart and effort is extremely large.

D. H.

D. H.

Still sending my daughter here going on 3+ years! Others are constantly impressed at how articulate and thoughtful my daughter is for only being 3…it’s thanks to the great staff at MVCP.

Now that my daughter is in the Preschool room things are starting to get really fun for me as a parent. Officer Friendly came in a few weeks ago to teach them about policemen and we’re trick or treating at the Senior Center this week.

The other parents and kids at this daycare are great and both my daughter and I have formed lasting friendships. 99% of the staff has been at the daycare since she started at 3 months old and I trust everyone there to watch my child during the day.

Jessica F.

Jessica F.

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